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Find My Car

2.9 usd

Can't remember where you've parked your car? - Your mobile knows!Using a built-in bluetooth-handsfree in your car, you have simply to do nothing! The location is captured automatically when you are leaving your vehicle.
Without a handsfree you can still save the position (or a second one) with a single tap on the screen.
In case of really having forgotten where your car might be, a suitable navigation app (pre-installed on your mobile, e.g. Google Maps) will lead you back - although a quick glance at the screen will do it in many cases.
No configuration required. It's just that simple.
During normal, everyday usage, you even won't take out your mobile. Install the app and "forget" it - untill you have forgotten where you've parked your car.
TIP: Try the free version of "Find My Car" in advance, to check if everything works properly with your handsfree, your android version and your mobile.
Additional features:
Display of* geographic coordinates* altitude (if available)* position reliability and position source* timestamp and* address (if available)Customize* position markers* map type* navigation mode* and moreAdd* a Photo to the position